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A guy I dated once is now flaunting his new found “girl”. 

Men, here’s the things, you should never lead a lady on, when you totally have no plans of keeping her for reals.

That’s what happened with this guy. He lead me on, and never clarified anything! He just let me think that the feeling is mutual. (I know what you’re thinking, the answer is: NO. I was not assuming. He specifically told me that he liked me. I won’t be lead on, if he did not say that, duh!) Instead, he just went on with it. And then one day, he just decided to not contact me, at all. A-mazing.

Oh well, I guess now, I know the answer. And it is loud and clear. 

Thank you, Mr. Engineer. I kind of hate your guts now.


I think I’m way more awesome than her. ;)


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